About Us

Lake Products Company LLC was formed in 1949 by Edward Ross, a pharmaceutical chemist who had extensive experience with water purification and treatment. During these early years Lake Products Company LLC developed numerous products, both chemical and pharmaceutical, among which were Water-Rite™, "Target 7pH", "O-Two" Oxygen Tablets, and "Sea Salt" ASTM D1141-98 (Original Standard ASTM D1141-52).

Lake Products Company became a division of Select Industries, Inc. of Wichita Falls, Texas in 1976 and in 1979 the division was sold to its divisional manager Mark A. Youngberg. The new company name became Lake Products Company LLC which added contract manufacturing and packaging to its product lines. We specialized in the mixing, blending, tableting of chemicals, nutraceutical, food additive tablets and other various chemical products. We continued to manufacture these products for the next 21 years. 

Since 2000, Lake Products Company LLC has focused on the manufacturing and marketing of its laboratory testing and water conditioning chemical products. These products over many years have become standards in their respective areas of application.

Today, Lake Products Company LLC supplies our laboratory testing chemicals "Sea Salt" ASTM D1141-98 and "Artificial Seawater" ASTM D1141-98 to companies around the world who are engaged in oceanographic research, corrosion testing and ocean instrument calibration. 

Our "Sodium Chloride" ASTM E534-13 product is a lab grade product with a minimum of 99.95% purity and meets the ASTM E534-13 standard test methods for chemical analysis of sodium chloride.